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USC Girls Coastal Cruise & Paddleboard Lesson

We took out a super fun group of recent USC graduates to celebrate Judys’ 25th birthday.

IMG_8820    IMG_8834  

We left the harbor under light overcast that promptly burned off leaving warm sunny conditions that complimented the unseasonably warm ocean water. It is already 73 degrees and its only the end of June!
All the girls picked up the paddleboarding pretty quick and had a great time playing in the ocean.


    IMG_8732   IMG_8729    IMG_8715   IMG_8668   IMG_8666     IMG_8709    IMG_8592    IMG_8645    IMG_8640    IMG_8611    IMG_8598    IMG_8545    IMG_8569    IMG_8554    IMG_8590            IMG_8721   IMG_8542   IMG_8702   IMG_8652
    IMG_8551    IMG_8548    IMG_8576

After paddling for a couple hours, we threw out the two rope and they all surfed behind the boar almost all the way back to the harbor.

IMG_8813    IMG_8744    IMG_8751    IMG_8760    IMG_8775    IMG_8779   IMG_8801   

All in all, a great time was had by all. Cant wait to get them back on the boat for another adventure!

IMG_8562    IMG_8566    IMG_8698

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