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UCLA Grads Malibu Paddleboard Adventure

Took a fun group of recent UCLA graduates on a Malibu Coastal Adventure on a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon.

IMG_8186   IMG_8191

We encountered a huge pod of dolphin just 10 minutes out of the harbor and played with them for about 20 mins before continuing up the coast to Malibu.

IMG_8195   IMG_8213   IMG_8224   IMG_8242

After cruising the coast checking out all the amazing Malibu beach front mansions, we arrived at the Malibu Pier.
We anchored off the beach and had a group paddleboard lesson.
Everyone picked it up quick and they were soon off exploring the incredible kelp forests and paddling around in the clear warm ocean.
If you have ever wanting to try paddleboarding, on a boat off the Malibu coastline is the easiest way to learn!

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