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• I had a father and son weekend on the boat and Captain Dave Ogle made the two day adventure one of the best moments for my son and I.  The moment we made it to our destination, Dave jumped into the water and speared a fish and caught two lobsters for dinner and then proceed to take us to a secret surf spot.  We surfed, listened to great music, ate awesome food and watched the stars in the night from the deck of his super comfortable catamaran.  This is a must adventure for anyone!  5 stars all the way!!
Shen S.
Malibu, Ca.

• This was my first boat trip with Dave. He taught me how to paddle surf previously, but this scuba trip definitely upped the adventure quotient. We had a blast. Dave and first mate Casey took us up to Paradise Cove in Malibu. We did a two tank lobster dive and took home plenty of lobster and fresh fish for supper. The kelp forests were a think of beauty. Those who didn’t dive went paddle boarding and hung out in the sunshine. The boat was spacious and comfortable. Dave arranged all the gear and made everything seamless and fun. I will definitly be back. Many thanks!
Scott P
Los Angeles, Ca.

• What an adventure! Five star fun for sure! Captain Dave taught me and my girls how to live like a tourist in our own backyard. We live in the Palisades and just had an ocean experience that blew away anything we ever had in all our travels to Hawaii, Florida, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, ect. We saw the amazing and mysterious SUN FISH, seals floating on their backs basking in the sun in great packs, dolphin playing with our boat, we caught white bass, calico bass, lizard fish and bat rays, we learned how to clean the fish and we pan fried them moments later! AWESOME! Dave took us to all the best breaks and we paddled from his boat right into the lineup. He used his paddle board to tow us behind the boat. Great fun! I learned how to hold a bat ray without getting stung. We slept overnight on the lovely Zephyr, had a midnight paddle around Paradise Cove, it was so beautiful and otherworldly to watch the phosphorescent algae glowing under our boards. Dave reminded me how incredible the ocean is and made us all feel like kids again. We are going out with Dave in August to the Channel Islands, or maybe we’ll just say, “Cap’n, take us anywhere you want..” I know wherever he takes us, it’s gonna be great.
Thanks, Dave!
Ellie – Mom and surfer
Pacific Palisades, Ca

• I gave my daughters, ages 14 and 16, surf lessons before spending a few weeks in Costa Rica. After only one session, Dave had both of the girls standing confidently on their boards. We had tried surf lessons in the past with other teachers and my daughters always found it more frustrating than fun. Dave was very clear in his instruction, stayed close to the girls in the water until they felt confident to venture out on their own, was encouraging, positive, fun and treated the girls in a way that immediately gave them the self confidence to be successful. Dave even got me back on the surfboard, and much to my surprise he had me surfing again on the first wave I caught! Dave Ogle is the man for anyone who is interested in learning to surf or sharpen their skills. He knows everything about the tide, swells, and best places to surf. Whether a beginner or looking for improvement, he is kind, enthusiastic and pushes you to do your best while always feeling safe in the water. Dave Ogle is the best around, so you won’t need anyone else.
Jennifer R.
Sherman Oaks, Ca

• We are still full of great memories of our private coastal tour with Capt. Dave of Malibu Coastal Adventures. Our New England family escaped to the sun and warmth of LA and were fortunate to learn about this fabulous on the water experience! Our trip included up close encounters with sea lions, common and bottlenose dolphins and numerous sea birds. Dave was committed to searching for these creatures for our enjoyment. He motored his classy and well equipped boat to off the coast of Palos Verdes Penninsula where we got to go stand up paddle boarding. Later the kids had fun on the boards with a rope tow behind the boat! Dave made every effort to accommodate us and our experience included a great video and many skillfully produced photos of our adventure. Next time in LA we will make the trip on the Zephyr to Catalina. This is an experience that I would highly recommend!!!
Megan G,
Providence, RI

• Highly recommend!!!! My girlfriend surprised me for my birthday with a chartered cruise on Dave’s catamaran. It was probably the best birthday of my life! It was SUCH a fun experience and one that I will never forget! Dave was so helpful, easy going, very knowledgeable about the waters and went out of his way to make sure that we had the best time ever. He took us to the sea lions that have now become my besties!!! And Dave taught us to paddle board which was tremendous fun! Dave also brought his professional camera and took lots of pictures of us which he gave us after wards. We both can’t wait to go back on Dave’s boat!
David K.
Los Angeles, Ca

• Dave Ogle of Malibu Coastal Adventures is an expert at what he does. Having lived in Malibu for many, many years, he knows the territory like the back of his hand. If you ever want to get involved with any water sport, whether it is scuba diving, fishing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, surfing, whale watching, or any kind of weekend charter adventure, he is your man.

Dave’s boat is beautiful and comfortable and all you have to do is show up with a couple of towels and he does the rest. He is a professional photographer and will put together an amazing photo album of your adventure. My family and I had the best time ever and we will be returning for another adventure in October for scuba diving and lobster season.
Randi M.
La Verene, Ca

• A few weeks ago, I took a Catalina trip with some friends on Dave’s catamaran.  He had bottled water, blankets, pillows, paddleboards, and most important of all, he has ALOHA! The trip was so much fun and the experience was definitely something to remember for years.  I really want to go back to Catalina or even Paradise Cove, because I had a blast.  Another great thing is that Dave took lots of pics of us, which helped a lot as I don’t have a camera phone nor a waterproof camera.
Dave is super cool and very easy to chat with.  Can’t wait to do this again!!
Winston S
Hermosa Beach, Ca.

• Highly recommend Malibu Coastal Adventures! We took our family whale watching last week and was extremely impressed with Captain Dave and the boat. From the moment we arrived, Dave treated us like VIP – offering us water and letting us make ourselves at home on the boat. We took our two daughters, age 7 and 14, with friends. They couldn’t stop saying, “This is the best day ever!” We saw a bunch of sea lions up close and personal, a pod of dolphins and EIGHT whales!!! Wow! What a day to remember! Both girls paddle boarded with me and their friends – Dave instructed us very well. We will definitely be re-booking with Coastal Adventure Charters. If you want an incredible experience, call and book with him now! It’s worth every penny and more.
Eva A
Canoga Park, Ca.

• Paddle surfing lessons with Dave are a treat. He teaches the basics and inspires you to push yourself. Plus, he’s a fun guy to be around. He knows the local waters and can tell you where to go and what to do when you get there. I’m looking forward to learning cut backs and then going lobster fishing. Thanks Dave!
Scott P
LA California

• Dave is such a kind-hearted, loving guy, and so awesome to hang out with! He made the day perfect for us. Everything was provided for us, such as blankets, soft  and comfortable seating, bottled water and expansive knowledge of the sea. We were able to see sea lions and hundreds of dolphins, including cute little baby dolphins. It was such an amazing sight. We felt as if we were swimming alongside them. We will definitely come hang out with him again. So much fun!!!
My family and I went out last Sunday for whale watching with Captain David. and all I can say is WOWOWOWOWOW.  We had two giant blue whales coming right at us and dove just under the boat. They were turning on their sides and we could see their white bellies. What sharp eyes David has. “Look for the spouts he said”, and while I couldn’t see any,, he spotted them about two miles away. So, there they were!!! WE spent about two hours surrounded by these three big blue whales. They would dive and come up about 500 yards away. And away we would go to where they we coming up next. My wife got a charge as Captain David allowed her to drive the boat. We took so many great pictures and had the whale watching experience of a life time. Talk about up close and personal…………. We’re just about 30 feet behind the whales as they come up and blow…….We could definitely smell the whale breath. Had to wipe the spray off our glasses.
Tom, Jenell and Alyssa
Malibu Ca

• This was a fantastic day out. We went up to paradise cove from Marina Del Rey, which was about an hour each way. The boat was spacious, very comfortable and clean. Dave was very relaxed and let us do what we wanted when we wanted. He was very organized and knowledgeable and set up the paddle boards for us and even gave us a quick lesson. I highly recommend Dave and his catamaran and can’t wait to take another trip with him. Thanks Dave!
Kate M
Santa Clarita, Ca

• Dave’s a rock star. Dude knows every square yard of these waters and all the fun spots across the coasts. The catamaran is fast, fun and stable. Dolphins, hiking trails, beaches, caves, surf and sun in one afternoon. You’ll be hitting the rewind and play buttons in your brain for days while looking over your calendar for the next time you can fit in a trip.
Camillo S.
Los Angeles, Ca.

• Whether for an overnight venture to Catalina, or to spend the day cruising up to Paradise Cove or down the beautiful coastline to Palos Verdes… and whether you want it to be relaxing, romantic, adventurous, athletic, spiritual… Coastal Adventure Charters and Captain Dave are the ticket.  If you are a group of 2-6, his catamaran is comfortable and equipped with everything you’ll need for a wonderful experience. I’ve worked on dive boats, dolphin and whale watching trips and am now offering on-boat services for guests who want to include ‘paddle-yoga-boarding’ and/or massage on their boat trips and am so excited to work with Dave and his guests.
Dave took some friends and I out on a day trip. It was so amazing, we could not have asked for a better time! I learned how to paddle board for the first time. The guys went surfing, Dave dove down and brought up some fresh fish and scallops.  Have you ever tried a scallop right from the water…….amazing, sweet like candy! I had never seen a whale before so Dave was determined to find us one. We made our way back and all of a sudden we saw it…..the most beautiful HUGE Grey whale. I could not believe it!!! We also saw dolphins and some seals. Needless to say, I totally recommend Malibu Coastal Adventures. Dave is a wonderful captain and host!
Please go see him!!!! Tell him Michelle and Shaun say hello!!
Heather G.
Laguna Beach, Ca.

• Last summer I contacted Dave and asked him to give my daughters a few surf lessons. The girls had so much fun and both learned to stand up and ride a wave so we then ventured out for paddle boarding lessons. We are all hooked! Just a few months ago, Dave took my family out on his boat to ceremoniously acknowledge the death of my parents. Dave, as always, was phenomenal! He took my family out to a beautiful spot in Malibu waters adjacent to my parents home and respectfully allowed us to acknowledge our loss in a personal way. What we anticipated to be an extremely difficult day turned out to be a beautiful day; to this I owe to Dave. He is a superior captain and knows more about the waters and the coastline than anyone I have ever met. He made sure to point out and get close to the magnificent sea life on the voyage and through his support and kind wisdom, he managed to help my family embrace our loss…without saying much at all….it’s just who Dave is.I am looking forward to hiring him again soon to do more paddle boarding and hope to see the whales migrating. Dave is a gem and it is because of who he is and the way he runs his business that makes him an excellent person to entrust any adventure upon. I highly recommend him!