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Paddleboarding With Dolphin

It was a beautiful morning as we left Marina Del Rey harbor. Newly engaged Marlene and Tim were prepared for a Malibu Coastal Adventure. We stopped at the ‘Sea Lion bouy’ to play with the sea lions. They were very curious and came right up to the boat to check us out.     Just past the bouy, we were greeted by hundreds of dolphin feeding on massive schools of baitfish. The dolphin playfully followed the boat and at times got close enough to touch!                 After playing with the dolphin for about an hour, Capt Dave suggested putting the paddleboards in the water and having a quick paddleboarding lesson. After a little practice both Marlene and Tim picked it up quickly. Suddenly, the whole pod of dolphin swan right past them giving them the experience of a lifetime.                 After paddling with the dolphin for over a 1/2 hour they were ready to try something a little more challenging.      So out came the tow rope and each of them got the opportunity  to be pulled behind the boat while the dolphin continued to play all around us.          Before heading home, Marlene even let her 2 little dogs have some fun on the paddleboard while checking out the sea lions on last time.         It was an amazing...
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Paddleboarding With The Grey Whales

 The Grey whales are migrating off the coast of Malibu right now and they are super easy to approach. We have been doing whale and dolphin watching trips up the Malibu coast and everyone is thrilled to be able to have these close up encounters with these magnificent mammals. Stay on the boat or jump on a paddleboard, you too can get up close to these giants of the ocean. If you dont know how to paddleboard, we will teach you and provide all the equipment you will need to have an incredible...
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