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An Awesome Woman’s Paddleboard & Fishing Trip to Malibu

A really fun group of women took an adventure boat trip to Malibu on a beautiful summer day. We left the harbor in the morning under clearing skies and very light wind.      About 20 minutes out of the harbor we came across a huge pod of dolphin that played with us for about 1/2 hour.           An hour later we arrived at Malibu and everyone was anxious to do some paddleboarding. After a quick paddleboard lesson, they were all out exploring the calm Pacific waters off the Malibu Pier.               They had a quick lunch in the sun on the trampoline, and then it was time for some fishing.     We caught lots of small fish but Cat, the ‘fisherwoman’ on board, wanted something bigger. All of a sudden the larger pole with a big chunk of squid on the hook started ripping line off the reel. A 30lb Bat Ray grabbed the line and took off. Cat literally pushed her friends out of the way to get to the fishing pole to fight the monster. After about a 15 minute battle, she was exhausted but the Bat Ray finally gave in.               As if that wasn’t enough action, on the way home we tossed out the tow rope and everyone took turns getting pull by the boat on the paddleboards.             They all had an awesome time, challenged themselves, and learned a lot of new skills. Super fun...
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