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USC Girls Coastal Cruise & Paddleboard Lesson

We took out a super fun group of recent USC graduates to celebrate Judys’ 25th birthday.      We left the harbor under light overcast that promptly burned off leaving warm sunny conditions that complimented the unseasonably warm ocean water. It is already 73 degrees and its only the end of June! All the girls picked up the paddleboarding pretty quick and had a great time playing in the ocean.                                                                                       After paddling for a couple hours, we threw out the two rope and they all surfed behind the boar almost all the way back to the harbor.                           All in all, a great time was had by all. Cant wait to get them back on the boat for another adventure!    ...
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Kaswan Familys’ Malibu Coastal Adventure

We chartered a 40′ Lagoon catamaran to take the Kaswan family and friends up to Paradise Cove Malibu for the day. The day was incredibly warm with blue skies, windless calm seas. Along the way we saw lots of dolphin and sea lions, and when we got up to the Point Dume area, there were Grey whales everywhere. The Grey whales are migrating up to Alaska where they spend the summer feeding. The mother whales are traveling with their calves which were birthed in Mexico. As they travel northbound, they stay very close to the coast to protect their calves from potential predators. The whales were moving slow and allowed up to come right up alongside them and watch them play. It was one of the most dramatic whale encounters I have ever experienced. We even put the paddleboards out and they paddled with the whales! Come out and join...
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