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Surprise Birthday Party Boat Adventure

Rose surprised her good friend Tiffany with a Malibu Boat Adventure for her 31st birthday. We left the harbor under cloudless skies, on a beautiful calm ocean. Not 20 minutes out of the harbor we came across a pod of about 100 dolphin. They played with us for about 1/2 hour!          After arriving at the Malibu Pier and having a quick paddleboarding lesson, they were all off to explore the incredible Malibu coastline.                      They even paddled over to Malibu Surfrider Beach to check out the surfers on an unusually large summer swell.         It didn’t take them long to get into ‘party mode’ and the day just kept getting better!      On the way back, we threw out the tow rope and towed the boys behind the boat.    While we were towing Cort, the dolphin came by to check him out.   The coastal cruise home was very warm and relaxing.   As we arrived back to the harbor, it was clear that the party was just beginning. Come...
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