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Amazing Whale & Dolphin Watching Boat Cruise Off The Malibu Coast

It was a warm and clear spring morning in LA when we took out two wonderful ladies for some whale and dolphin watching on a Malibu Coastal Adventure. We left Marina Del Rey Harbor at 9 am and had an incredibly smooth boat ride up the coast to Malibu. The ocean was mirror calm with no swell and the air temp was in the upper 70s    We encountered a couple of Grey Whales not 15 minutes out of the harbor. After playing with them for about 20 minutes, we continued up the coast to Malibu. Along the way we encountered mulitple pods of dolphin.      The dolphin came together to feed on the abundant baitfish schooling in the warm shallow Santa Monica Bay. They put on a spectacular show as they played with us for another 1/2 hour. At times, they came close enough to the boat that you could have touched their dorsal fin as they surfaced for air.       We arrived at Point Dume Malibu and were greeted by large groups of sea lions sleeping in the sun under the iconic headlands.   On the way home, we stopped at the Malibu Pier to watch the surfers, and Capt Dave caught a couple of fish for them to take home for dinner. The return trip along the Malibu Coast to Santa Monica was a relaxing experience. Come out and enjoy what we have to offer !...
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Summer Weather For Malibu All Next Week!

It is supposed to be summer like conditions the whole next week for the Malibu coast, so if you wanted to get out on the water, let us know. Paddleboard lessons, surfing lessons, coastal boat tours, fishing & diving excursions. Whatever the watersport, we can make it happen for...
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Dolphin & Whale Watching, and Paddleboard Lessons off the Malibu Coast

         We took out a father and son on an awesome Malibu Coastal Adventure the other day. Rich and Jaden were in town from a very cold Minnesota. We left the harbor under cloudless skies and headed up the coast to Malibu for some paddleboard lessons. On the way we stopped at the ‘Sea Lion’ bouy and hung out with the cutest little sea lions as the were taking a nap in the sun. Then we proceeded up the coast and ran into a giant pod of Common Dolphin and they played with us and the boat for about 20 minutes. Rich and Jaden had the time of their lives watching the dolphin and getting so close at times that they were almost able to touch the dorsal fin as the dolphin surfaced for air within inches of their hands. We reluctantly left the dolphin and headed up to the iconic Malibu Pier for some paddleboarding and general fun in the sun. Jaden took to the paddleboarding very quickly and was off exploring the coast. Later we threw out a tow rope and pulled him on the paddleboard behind the boat reaching speeds of 20+ mph. Needless to say, they got back to the harbor tired but having had a wonderful father/son bonding trip and hopefully an experience they wont soon...
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