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Malibu Kitesurfing Lessons

Just had a great kitesurfing lesson with the youngest kids I have ever taught. At this secluded beach in Malibu, the wind was perfect for lessons. Bryce (14), Brody (13), & Brooks (9) picked it up faster than any of my previous students. One by one they worked their way through the basics starting with the trainer kite, then working their way up to the full size kite. They all really impressed me with their maturity at handling the kite and listening to instruction. These kids are on their way to becoming very accomplished kitesurfers and watermen. If you are interested in learning, please give us a...
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Kitesurfing in Malibu

The kitesurfing has been incredible last few days. All of the low pressure systems have been bringing much needed rain to the LA area and along with that rain comes the wind. If you have ever wanted to learn how to kitesurf, now is the time!                      ...
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