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A Family Boat Adventure To Malibu For Fishing & Paddleboarding

We took an awesome family  on a boat adventure up to Malibu on a beautiful summer day in August. About 1/2 hour out of the harbor we encountered a large pod of dolphin. They played with us for about 20 minutes.        After a short coastal cruise, we arrived at the Malibu Pier where we dropped anchor and did some paddleboarding.        After paddleboarding and lunch, it was time for some fishing. The fish were really biting that day and Ryan even landed a 10lb batray!         Just when they thought they could relax, out came the tow rope. We pulled the kids behind the boat on the paddleboard most of the way home!         They had a great time and they all really impressed me with their competence with the various ocean sports. Come join...
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