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Surprise Birthday Party Boat Adventure

Rose surprised her good friend Tiffany with a Malibu Boat Adventure for her 31st birthday.
We left the harbor under cloudless skies, on a beautiful calm ocean.
Not 20 minutes out of the harbor we came across a pod of about 100 dolphin.
They played with us for about 1/2 hour!

IMG_2950   IMG_3346
IMG_3275   IMG_3241
IMG_3217   IMG_3196

After arriving at the Malibu Pier and having a quick paddleboarding lesson,
they were all off to explore the incredible Malibu coastline

IMG_2985   IMG_3003
IMG_2988   IMG_2992
IMG_3130  IMG_3121
IMG_3054  IMG_3048  IMG_2969
IMG_3007   IMG_3012

They even paddled over to Malibu Surfrider Beach to check out the surfers
on an unusually large summer swell.

IMG_3068   IMG_3073
IMG_3086   IMG_3090
IMG_3106   IMG_3118

It didn’t take them long to get into ‘party mode’ and the day just kept getting better!

IMG_3352   IMG_3359
IMG_3354   IMG_3366

On the way back, we threw out the tow rope and towed the boys behind the boat.

IMG_3148   IMG_3141

While we were towing Cort, the dolphin came by to check him out.

IMG_3169   IMG_3202

The coastal cruise home was very warm and relaxing.

IMG_3367   IMG_3369

As we arrived back to the harbor, it was clear that the party was just beginning


Come play?

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  1. Captain Dave you were awesome! This is one of my best birthday’s to date and I had an amazing time! Can’t wait to do it again!

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