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Surfing Lessons For Kids In Malibu

We have been giving a lot of surfing lessons to young kids here in Malibu, as summer is right around the corner.
Our professional instructors will work with your kids, (as young as 5-6 yrs old), to help them understand the ocean and how to be safe and confident as they learn this exciting sport.

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Saftey and ocean education are a primary emphasis as lessons are tailored to the age and ability level of each student.
All of the equipment (surfboards, wetsuits, etc) is included with the lesson.
While we do group lessons, 1-2 students per instructor is encouraged for a more personal, ‘one on one’ experience.

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  1. My family is heading to Malibu tomorrow and we were wondering if anyone would be available to provide a surfing lesson for my 9 year old daughter in the afternoon. She has never been on a board before. Let me know.


    • Dave Ogle

      Sorry I dont actually check the comments on the website much. If you would like to schedule something please call or text 310.701.1996

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