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Surf Lessons & A Catalina Family Boat/Scuba Diving/Fishing Adventure

Day 1: Surf Lesson For The Boys
The 2 boys had a surf lesson at Zuma Beach on their first day with Malibu Coastal Adventures.
Conditions were perfect and they both picked it up very quick!
IMG_0353  IMG_0352
IMG_0356  IMG_0425

IMG_0454  IMG_0429
IMG_0377  IMG_0363

Day 2: Boat Adventure
The next day we left the harbor early and were treated to a perfectly calm ocean.

We arrived at the ‘Sea Lion’ bouy shortly after leaving the harbor and the sea lions were relaxing after a morning of feeding on the local bait fish.
Next stop…Catalina!
IMG_0461  IMG_0463

On the way to Catalina we spotted a pod of dolphin.
They swam along and played with us for about 20 minutes!
IMG_0514  IMG_0490

At Catalina Island, the water was clear, warm, and perfect for diving!

IMG_0521  IMG_0523

After scuba diving and spear fishing around a secluded cove on the west end of Catalina, out came the fishing poles.
Many fish were speared and caught, and their dinner was secured!
IMG_0533  IMG_0529
IMG_0540  IMG_0535
IMG_0543  IMG_0550

On the way home, the boys wanted a little more adventure so out came the tow rope…
IMG_0551  IMG_0558
IMG_0575  IMG_0581

We even made a pass by the ‘Sea Lion’ bouy on the way back to the harbor to say hi.
IMG_0594  IMG_0610
IMG_0619  IMG_0623

They had an awesome experience with memories (and photos) to last a lifetime!

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  1. what a fun looking adventure!

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