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Super Fun Family Boat Adventure Up To Malibu

We left the harbor with a wonderful mom and her 2 kids.
It was a beautiful, sunny spring day as we heading up to Malibu for some Sea Lion/Dolphin watching as well as some padlleboarding and fishing.
IMG_1694  IMG_1758

Along the way, we stopped by the ‘Sea Lion’ bouy and checked out the adorable baby sea lions sleeping on the bouy.
IMG_1698  IMG_1696

We came across a large pod of dolphin and they played with us for about 20 minutes.
IMG_1721  IMG_1734

We arrived at the Malibu Pier and the family was eager to try some fishing.
And the fishing was good!
IMG_1761  IMG_1860
IMG_1858  IMG_1865

They wanted to try paddleboarding, so out came the boards.
After a quick lesson, they all were out exploring the Malibu coastline.
IMG_1790  IMG_1797
IMG_1840  IMG_1846
IMG_1817  IMG_1813

While they were paddleboarding, a couple of dolphin passed by within a couple of feet of Julie!
It was a once in a lifetime dolphin encounter.
IMG_1872  IMG_1917

When I told them I could tow them behind the boat on the boards, they jumped at the chance.
IMG_2003  IMG_1989

They had an incredible experience and enjoyed a relaxing coastal cruise back to the harbor.

Come join us!



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