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Rachel and Friends Malibu Coastal Adventure

We had a super fun all girl Malibu Coastal Adventure up to the Malibu area.
Our trip up the coast was smooth as the girls had some breakfast mimosas.



We arrived up in the Malibu area and promptly got out the paddleboards.
After a few quick lessons, they were all off to explore the kelp forests.

IMG_4768  IMG_4764
  IMG_4753  IMG_4716

While they were out playing, Capt. Dave dove down and grabbed a few lobster for lunch.
It was cooked up right on the boat and ready for them when they finished paddleboarding.

IMG_4778  IMG_4774
IMG_4783  IMG_4788

After lunch, we went out to look for dolphin and found a huge pod that played with us for about 1/2 hour

IMG_5009  IMG_4956

IMG_4946  IMG_4935

IMG_4926  IMG_4911

On the way back, we towed each girl on the paddleboards all the way back to the harbor.

IMG_4842  IMG_4804
IMG_4826  IMG_4811  IMG_4906
IMG_4838  IMG_4883

They all had way to much fun!!!

Check out the video at:


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