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Paradise Cove Family Adventure

A wonderful family had an incredible Malibu Coastal Adventure up to Paradise Cove for an amazing day trip!

DSC_0024    DSC_0060    DSC_0048   DSC_0051

Along the way we played with a huge pod of dolphin for about 30 minutes. They stayed with the boat and came so close at times you could almost touch them as they came up for a breath of air.

IMG_0799    IMG_0781    IMG_0796    IMG_0779

After a quick lunch break at Paradise Cove Malibu, we were off again for a little tow surfing behind the boat.

DSC_2496    DSC_2782    DSC_2639    DSC_2610

All of a sudden a pod of dolphin literally swam right along with each person being towed behind the boat. It was almost as if they were saying, ” That’s not how you do it, This is! ”

DSC_2846    DSC_2833    DSC_2812    DSC_2874

Come out and play with us!!!


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