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Paddleboarding Lessons

We offer paddleboard lessons at the various beaches in the Santa Monica, Venice, and Malibu area.

We tailor the location of the lesson to your ability and comfort level. 

We will provide the knowledge and equipment to safely get you out paddleboarding, no matter your age or ability level.

Stand-Up Paddle Lesson Includes:
• Professional SUP instructor
• Paddleboard and paddle
• Any wetsuit necessary to keep you warm and comfortable.

Lessons and locations are geared to each individual ability level.

Lesson #1:
‘The Basics’:
• What is “SUP” Stand-up Padlleboarding
• Saftey and awareness of the water and the board
• Proper techniques for using the paddle
• Knee paddling/stand-up paddling
• Proper knee/feet placement on board
• Stopping and turning the board
• How to fall safely
• Lesson will finish with a short to medium distance paddle

Lesson #2: ‘Intermediate/Wave Riding’:
• Fine tune abilities learned in lesson #1
• Negotiating waves
• Different stances to optimize paddle speed/turning
• How to safely catch and ride waves
• Emphasis on safety of yourself and others

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