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Paddleboard Lessons Off A Boat In Malibu

We’ve been having some incredible Malibu Coastal Adventures lately.
Passengers of all ages have been paddling with dolphin, sea lions, and whales.

IMG_6326   IMG_6319
IMG_5721   IMG_5654
We have been taking out lots of families and they are making lifelong memories.
There are numerous beaches to explore and the kelp forests are teaming with wildlife.
All of the equipment and instruction is included in each adventure.
We even do all of the photography of your adventure.

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sup7   IMG_8732     IMG_2848   IMG_2934   photo5       IMG_9256   IMG_8807   IMG_8465   IMG_6879   IMG_5686   IMG_5140   IMG_3147   IMG_2324   IMG_1734   IMG_1747   IMG_0931   IMG_2309

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