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Paddleboard Lesson At The Malibu Pier

We gave a paddleboard lesson to 2 energetic ladies today at the Malibu Pier.

   IMG_0135    IMG_0136    IMG_0138

It was a perfect day with super warm water and cloudless skies.
They both picked it up really quick and we headed out to the top of Malibu Point to check out the Malibu Pier, kelp forests, and giant beachfront homes of the Malibu Colony.

IMG_0189    IMG_0182     IMG_0169    IMG_0162    IMG_0157    IMG_0156

After a 1 1/2 hour coastal paddle they were ready to rest and let the wind carry them back to the pier while checking out the incredible scenery.
They had a great time and will probably get their own boards and frequent the Malibu coastal waters for years to come!

Come join us!

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