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Megan and Alex Enjoy A Malibu Coastal Adventure

We recently took a really fun couple on a Boat & Paddleboard Adventure up to Malibu.
Left the marina in the morning and had a smooth boat ride up to Malibu.


Along the way we encountered some dolphin that played with the boat.
At one point, the dolphin came right up to Megan and made eye contact!

IMG_5195  IMG_5197

IMG_5209  IMG_5200

We anchored off Malibu and after a quick paddleboard lesson, Megan and Alex were off to explore the Malibu coast.
They both picked it up fast and had a great time.

IMG_5257  IMG_5260
IMG_5285   IMG_5242
IMG_5267  IMG_5275

They wanted another challenge, so out came the tow rope.

IMG_5300   IMG_5304

We cruised the coast on the way home on an unusually calm ocean.
After a brief stop at the Santa Monica Pier, it was back to the Marina.

IMG_5315 IMG_5323

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