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Malibu Coastal Adventures – Coastal Boat Tours, Whale & Dolphin Watching, Paddleboard & Surfing Lessons

Check out this short video that showcases some of the ocean activities we offer on our Malibu Coastal Adventures.

Coastal Boat Tours, Whale & Dolphin Watching, Paddleboard & Surfing Lessons, Fishing & Diving Excursions.
If it has to do with the ocean and you want to do it, weve got you covered!

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  1. Jennifer ramlo

    I gave my daughters, ages 14 and 16, surf lessons before spending a few weeks in Costa Rica. After only one session, Dave had both of the girls standing confidently on their boards. We had tried surf lessons in the past with other teachers and my daughters always found it more frustrating than fun. Dave was very clear in his instruction, stayed close to the girls in the water until they felt confident to venture out on their own, was encouraging, positive, fun and treated the girls in a way that immediately gave them the self confidence to be successful. Dave even got me back on the surfboard, and much to my surprise he had me surfing again on the first wave I caught! Dave Ogle is the man for anyone who is interested in learning to surf or sharpen their skills. He knows everything about the tide, swells, and best places to surf. Whether a beginner or looking for improvement, he is kind, enthusiastic and pushes you to do your best while always feeling safe in the water. Dave Ogle is the best around, so you won’t need anyone else.

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