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Late Summer Malibu Coastal Adventure

We had the pleasure of taking out a great bunch of friends on a Malibu Coastal Adventure a couple days ago.
Leaving  the harbor under overcast skies, we immediately found a huge pod of dolphin that played with the boat for about 15 minutes.
Continuing up the coast to Malibu Beach, we came across another pod of dolphin just as the sun broke through.

IMG_2640   IMG_2659


After arriving at the Malibu Pier, we dropped anchor and had an awesome paddleboarding lesson.
Everyone picked it up really quick and it soon became evident that getting them out of the water and back on the boat was going to be the most difficult.

IMG_2683   IMG_2653


The best way to tempt them out of the water was to offer them a chance to get towed behind the boat on the paddle boards.
Everyone was ready for some more action!

IMG_2714  IMG_2706  IMG_2709

IMG_2654   IMG_2696

Everyone was tired from a full day but happy for the ride home!


Thanks Annette!!!


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