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Kitesurfing Lessons

We offer kitesurfing lessons at the various beaches in the Malibu area.
We tailor the location of the lesson and ocean conditions to your ability and comfort level. 

We will provide the knowledge and equipment to safely get you kitesurfing, no matter your age or ability level.

Kitesurfing Lessons Include:
• A professional instructor
• Kitesurf gear
• Any wetsuit necessary to keep you warm and comfortable.

It is suggested that you attend at least 3 sessions to safely cover all aspects of this raipidly growing sport. Lessons pace is geared to each individual or group ability level.

Lesson #1:
‘Basics/Trainer Kite’:
• What are the different pieces of equipment for kitesurfing
• Saftey and awareness of the wind, water and the gear
• Proper techniques for using trainer kite on beach


Kitesurfing Lessons Malibu

Lesson #2:
‘Basics Of Beach Kite Flying’:
• How to prepare kite and gear on the beach
• Fitting and using the harness
• How to safely launch, fly, and land the kite


Lesson #3:
‘Getting In The Water’:
• How to get in the water and negotiate any waves
• How to ‘body drag’ in the water
• How to get up on a board while powered by the kite
• How to re-launch a kite that has fallen in the water
• How to safely get into the water and back to shore


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