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An Incredible Whale/Dolphin/Sea Lion Experience

We headed out of Marina Del Rey Harbor under cloudless skies and perfectly calm ocean waters.


Just outside of the harbor we encountered hundreds of dolphin. They stayed with us and played with the boat for about 20 minutes giving everyone a chance to get within a couple of feet away from these sleek, beautiful mammals.


IMG_6221  IMG_6219

On the way to Palos Verdes Penninsula we stopped by a navigational bouy to check out the Sea Lions.
IMG_6110  IMG_6100

One little baby sea lion got so curious about the funny look people watching him that he actually swam to the back of the boat and jumped on to say hi.
IMG_6116  IMG_6125
IMG_6132  IMG_6136
IMG_6156  IMG_6176

The little guy was so friendly he even let me pet him!!!
IMG_6194  IMG_6192

We continued on to Palos Verdes and had some amazing close encounters with no less than 8 Gray Whales.
IMG_6487  IMG_6467
IMG_6449  IMG_6416
IMG_6375  IMG_6349

Next it was time for some paddle boarding lessons and snorkeling in the kelp forests.
IMG_6302  IMG_6283

It was truly an amazing day!

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