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An Incredible Whale, Dolphin & Sea Lion Encounter !

Today we had one of the best, close up whale encounters this year !

We left the harbor under sunny skies and a perfectly smooth ocean.

We arrived at the navigational bouy and while most of the adult the Sea Lions were sleeping, the babies were intrigued with us and swan right up to the boat.
IMG_8086  IMG_8060

IMG_8073  IMG_8089

It didn’t take long to located the Grey Whales. They put on quite a show. At one point a mother and calf came whithin 20 feet from the boat!
IMG_8143  IMG_8318
IMG_8094  IMG_8303
IMG_8155  IMG_8236
IMG_8292  IMG_8285

The dolphin were actually playing with the whales as well as with us.

IMG_8039  IMG_8004
IMG_8024  IMG_8018

Next we pulled into a scenic little cove and after a quick paddleboard lesson, Jason and Lisa were off to explore the kelp forests.

IMG_8331  IMG_8350
IMG_8365  IMG_8359
IMG_8368  IMG_8374

Sensing Lisa’s sense of adventure, I suggested being towed on the paddleboard behind the boat and she jumped at the chance.
IMG_8402  IMG_8409
IMG_8395  IMG_8438

It was an amazing adventure for them with a close up whale, dolphin, and sea lion encounters and memories that will last a lifetime!



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