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Incredible Family Whale/Dolphin Watching Tour

We took a beautiful family out to the Palos Verdes Penninsula for some whale and dolphin watching as well as some paddleboard lessons.
It was a perfect day as we left the harbor.
IMG_8744  IMG_8746

When we arrived at the ‘sea lion’ bouy, we were greeted by lots of cute baby sea lions.
IMG_8752  IMG_8747

Further along we came across a samll pod of dolphin.
They played with the boat and gave everyone a great close up look at these incredible mammals.
IMG_8765  IMG_8774

A short while later came the call ‘Thar she blows’. A gray whale and her calf put on an impressive show for us.
IMG_8878  IMG_8973
IMG_8840  IMG_8990

After playing with dolphin and whales, it was time for some paddleboarding.
They had a wonderful time exploring the secluded cove and kelp forests.
IMG_9049  IMG_9057
IMG_9108  IMG_9105
IMG_9141  IMG_9138
IMG_9134  IMG_9129
IMG_9083  IMG_9067

As if that weren’t enough, out came the tow rope and each person got an exhilarating ride behind the boat.
IMG_9165  IMG_9162
IMG_9157  IMG_9154

It was an amazing experience they will remember for a lifetime!

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