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Incredible Family Malibu Boat Adventure

We had an incredible family boat adventure up to Malibu
IMG_1084  IMG_1087

Just outside of the harbor are a couple of large bouys where the sea lions hang out.
IMG_1222  IMG_1225

On the way up to Malibu we came across a large pod of very friendly dolphin.
IMG_1096  IMG_1117
IMG_1151  IMG_1166
IMG_1197  IMG_1216

We arrived at the Malibu Pier and after a quick lesson, the family was out on paddleboards.
IMG_1259  IMG_1277
IMG_1302  IMG_1305
IMG_1280  IMG_1320

On the way home I threw out a tow rope and pulled them all behind the boat.
IMG_1363  IMG_1386

It was a memorable trip.
IMG_1523  IMG_1519

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