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Incredible Family Dolphin Adventure

We took a wonderful family out for a dolphin watching, paddleboard, fishing adventure and the were not disappointed.

We left the harbor on a super calm morning.
IMG_3269-2  IMG_3273-2

We stopped by the jetty to check out the sea lions on the way out


We found a huge pod of dolphin that played with the boat for about 30 minutes
IMG_3302-2  IMG_3298-2
IMG_3282-2  IMG_3319-2

I suggested that they could actually be towed behind the boat through the pod of dolphin and they all jumped at the chance
IMG_3333-2  IMG_3335-2
IMG_3344-2  IMG_3351-2
IMG_3360-2  IMG_3375-2
IMG_3383-2  IMG_3398-2
IMG_3402-2  IMG_3408-2
IMG_3436-2  IMG_3439-2
IMG_3454-2  IMG_3470-2

Next up fishing and paddleboarding at Paradise Cove Malibu
IMG_3478-2   IMG_4311
IMG_4327   IMG_4313
IMG_4223   IMG_4395

Between fishing and diving they went home with about 5 lbs of fresh fish and had a huge fish taco dinner!
IMG_4354   IMG_4352

It was a memorable trip for a super cool family

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