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The ‘Girls’ Dolphin/Paddleboard Adventure To Malibu

We took a fun group of girls out on a dolphin and paddleboard adventure up the coast to Malibu.
IMG_4270   IMG_4332

The dolphin showed up about 30 mins out of the harbor and entertained us for about an hour.
IMG_4325   IMG_4277

IMG_4302   IMG_4289

After a quick paddleboard lesson, they were off exploring the incredible Malibu coastline.
They all showed amazing balance and determination, and had fun playing in the warm Pacific Ocean.
IMG_4450   IMG_4432

IMG_4346   IMG_4370

IMG_4443  IMG_4435  IMG_4385

IMG_4389  IMG_4398  IMG_4372

IMG_4343   IMG_4352

Ilana even did a couple of amazing yoga moves that impressed everyone.
IMG_4360   IMG_4404

We even tossed out a tow rope and pulled the girls on a paddleboard.

After a little sunbathing, some lunch and a few drinks, we had a great down wind ride back to the marina.

IMG_4366   IMG_4365

IMG_4480   IMG_4477

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