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A Fun Malibu Coastal Cruise & Paddleboard Lesson

We had a really fun coastal cruise & paddleboard lesson in Malibu.
We left the harbor under sunny skies on a flat smooth ocean for a 1 hour coastal cruise up to the Malibu area.
Hard to believe its October and we still have 80-90 degree weather on the beaches!

IMG_4530   IMG_4533

IMG_4534   IMG_4537

We arrived at the Malibu Pier after a super smooth boat ride and dropped anchor.
After a quick paddleboard lesson for everyone, they were off exploring the incredible Malibu coastline.

IMG_4640   IMG_4616
IMG_4601   IMG_4606
IMG_4580   IMG_4565

After lunch I suggested we throw out the tow rope and pull them behind the boat on a paddleboard.
They were all super excited and had a blast.

IMG_4646   IMG_4653
IMG_4661   IMG_4671

They had a very relaxing cruise back to the harbor laying in the sun out on the boats’ trampoline.

IMG_4683   IMG_4681
IMG_4693   IMG_4691

Come out and have your own adventure!

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  1. Shannon MacMurray

    Hi there
    My family (hubby and kids ages 10& 12) are coming to California the week of October 20. We would love a boat ride especially a chance to see dolphins and other sea life.
    Could you please tell me what you have to offer including times, cost etc.

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