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Frequently Asked Questions

Captain’s Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there no prices listed?

Prices vary depending on group size-activities-location/destination etc.

Please call for pricing and more details 310.701.1996

What do I need to know?
Not very much. Common sense is key. A thorough briefing on safety considerations is covered before we get underway. If you are skilled in, and would like to participate in
specific water sports, or would just like to learn a new skill, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What should I wear and bring on an all-day trip?
You definitely want to bring a camera. No matter how warm it might be on the dock, bring extra layers because it is much cooler out on the ocean. You might also want to
bring a hat and sunscreen. Even on cloudy days, SPF 50 and a hat is recommended.

Are food and beverages provided?
We provide a cooler with ice for what you want to bring, and drinking water for all guests. You are responsible to bring any food and berverages you will want for the trip.

What about seasickness?
It can happen. If you’ve had issues before, bring your favorite medicine. Better yet, take a tab an hour before we leave. If you start to feel queasy, we can try different courses and try to smooth the ride. If you begin to feel really horrible, we can come back early. It’s important to let us know when you first start to feel seasick so that we can change course, put you in a spot where you can see the horizon, and try some of the other anti-seasickness tricks that we know.