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A Family Boat Adventure To Malibu For Fishing & Paddleboarding

We took an awesome family  on a boat adventure up to Malibu on a beautiful summer day in August.
About 1/2 hour out of the harbor we encountered a large pod of dolphin.
They played with us for about 20 minutes.

IMG_2255    IMG_2267

IMG_2260    IMG_2292

After a short coastal cruise, we arrived at the Malibu Pier where we dropped anchor and did some paddleboarding.

IMG_2297    IMG_2328

IMG_2330    IMG_2349
After paddleboarding and lunch, it was time for some fishing.
The fish were really biting that day and Ryan even landed a 10lb batray!

IMG_2362    IMG_2369
IMG_2354    IMG_2356

Just when they thought they could relax, out came the tow rope.
We pulled the kids behind the boat on the paddleboard most of the way home!

IMG_2395    IMG_2382
IMG_2380  IMG_2374  IMG_2391

They had a great time and they all really impressed me with their competence with the various ocean sports.

Come join us!

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