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Dolphin & Whale Watching

Migration of the Grey Whales runs from February through about April.


Enjoy one of our Custom Boat Adventures
to check out the whales, dolphin, sea lions.

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Our luxurious catamarans allow you to get up close and personal with the awesome mammals!
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You will stay warm and dry in our protected and comfortable cockpit area
or you can venture out on the trampoline net for a really close encounter.

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It’s an great adventure for everyone from families with kids,
to extreme watersport enthusiasts.

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If you really feel adventurous, we will provide wetsuits and stand-up paddleboards
so you can actually paddle with these magnificent mammals as well as
the dolphin, seals, and many species of marine birds.

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Remember, the annual
migration of the California Grey Whales starts around February and goes until April.
Call or email for more info.