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A Dolphin & Sea Lion Adventure

We took out a cute couple on a dolphin/sea lion watching excursion off the Palos Verdes Peninsula.
They chilled out on the trampoline and enjoyed a smooth ride out to the Palos Verdes area.
We stopped along the way to say hi to the resident sea lions.
IMG_4072   IMG_4066

IMG_4069   IMG_4071

After finding the school of dolphin, we played with them for about an hour.
The dolphin came so close a times they were almost able to touch their dorsal fins.
IMG_4132   IMG_4087
IMG_4119   IMG_4140

They wanted to get even closer so they asked if they could jump in the ocean and swim with the dolphin.
With Malibu Coastal Adventures, the answer is usually always yes!
Before they knew it, they had dive masks in hand and jumped into the warm Pacific Ocean.
They both swam with the dolphin and shared a moment few will ever experience in their lifetime.
IMG_4169   IMG_4179

They both had a fantastic time and can’t wait for the next adventure.

Come join us!

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