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Day Trip to Malibu on a Lagoon Catamaran

When there are 6-12 of my guests that want to go out on a boat, we have access to a luxury 40′ Lagoon Catamaran.
This brand new boat offers 3 double bed stateroom with large bathrooms & hot showers. There is full kitchen with refrigerator, freezer, stove and oven and large capacity seating.

Lagoon 40   Lagoon 39 bow:tramp   Lagoon 39 interior 2   IMG_9624    IMG_9875    IMG_9623

We sailed up to the Malibu Pier and had a quick paddleboard lesson.
Everyone picked it up really fast and were off and exploring the coast within 15 minutes of getting on the board.

IMG_9679    IMG_9632    IMG_9651    IMG_9695    IMG_9708    IMG_9717    IMG_9734    IMG_9736    IMG_9692


The afternoon was really warm so I suggested a swim.

IMG_9852    IMG_9847    IMG_9843    IMG_9839    IMG_9833    IMG_9828  IMG_9824    IMG_9815    IMG_9808    IMG_9793       IMG_9785    IMG_9780    IMG_9773    IMG_9766    IMG_9760    IMG_9746

Just we they thought they could relax, out came the tow rope!

   IMG_0075  IMG_9991   IMG_0131IMG_0007IMG_0066  IMG_0086   

We even threw out a fishing line and Rob caught a big bat ray.

   IMG_9886    IMG_9897    IMG_9929    IMG_9934

All in all it was a memorable day!


  1. Kim Mckinnon

    Do you have any times tomorrow for 4 people

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