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Coastal & Island Cruises

The coastal and islands cruises are an amazing way to see the incredible
Southern California Coast and her exotic Channel Islands.

You will see sea lions, dolphins, whales, and a variety of sea birds
while cruising along the coastline in our warm, dry, and stable power catamaran.

Here are a few of the favorite destinations:



Located just over an hour boat ride on our luxurious Lagoon 400S2 Catamaran from Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard is Anacapa Island.

Unbelievably clear waters, breathtaking cliffs, and great fishing and diving await you. Take a paddleboard or kayak to explore sea caves and sea lion colonies or go snorkeling through the amazing kelp forests.



Located in the southern end of the Santa Monica Bay
is the incredibly rugged coastline of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Known for its clear waters, breathtaking cliffs, great fishing and diving,
Palos Verdes Peninsula remains an elusive destination
because it is a very hard stretch of coastline to access from land.



An 1/2 hour boat ride north of the Malibu Pier, in
the shadow of Point Dume, lies the exclusive Paradise Cove.

This sheltered cove offers incredible stand-up paddling in it calm waters.
Because it is a marine santuary, the snorkeling is incredible
with abundant sea life in the amazing kelp forests.

You can even paddle ashore for drinks and food at
the world famous Paradise Cove Restaurant.



The Channel Islands are composed of 8 islands situated
just off of the Southern California Coast.

The closest island to Malibu is Catalina.

Catalina is a dream-come-true for marine nature lovers.
The crystal clear Pacific waters host mysterious sea caves,
remarkable kelp forests, and abundant sealife.

Our mild weather allows adventurers to explore her natural wonders all year.

Stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling, fishing, and hiking, and fun
await you at this iconic destination.