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Malibu Coastal Adventures : Boat Adventures, Paddleboarding Lessons, Surfing Lessons, Fishing, Diving

If you love watching sea life including whales, dolphins, sea lions, and sea birds, our boat adventures are amazing! As we cruise along the iconic Malibu coastline you will get a unique view of some of the most incredible beaches and properties in all of California.
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Paddleboarding Lessons / Tours

Stand-up paddleboarding, is an increasingly popular sport world wide. Paddleboarding is very easy to learn for all ages. With our professional instruction, you will be gliding through the amazing kelp forests within minutes. The local coves and islands offer crystal clear waters, and incredible sea caves and beaches to explore. It’s a fun way to get exercise and enjoy being on the...
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Surfing Lessons

With our professional instructors, you will learn about ocean awareness, safety in and out of the water, etiquette, paddling, and surfing techniques. Lessons are geared to each persons age and ability level. All equipment is provided for a safe and fun experience. We guarantee you will be standing up surfing on the board by the end of the first lesson!
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