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Awesome Malibu Surf Lesson & Family Boat Adventure

We had a wonderful family treat their adventurous daughter Rachel to a surf lesson then a family boat adventure.

First up Rachel had a great time learning to surf at Zuma Beach, Malibu
She picked it up really quick, and had a blast!
IMG-20150611-02662  IMG-20150611-02664
IMG-20150611-02665-2  IMG-20150611-02667-2
IMG-20150611-02661-2  IMG_0016

Next up was a family boat adventure
First we headed out to see the Sea Lions
IMG_3181-2  IMG_3196-2

Next Rachel tried a little paddleboarding
IMG_3199-2 IMG_3210-2

When I suggested being towed behind the boat on the paddleboards, they were a little reluctant but ended up really enjoying the experience
IMG_3217-2  IMG_3243-2
IMG_3247-2  IMG_3262-2

It was a fantastic trip and they all had a lot of fun!
IMG_3267-2   IMG_3265-2

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