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Awesome Family Boat Adventure!

We had an awesome family boat adventure on a beautiful February day!
We left the harbor under sunny skies, no wind, and a calm beautiful ocean.
IMG_6860  IMG_6933

First stop was at the Sea Lion bouy. One little Sea Lion swan right up to the boat to say Hi!
IMG_6867  IMG_6870
IMG_6873  IMG_6879

We continued on towards Malibu and came across a huge pod of dolphin. They played with the boat for almost about 30 mins
IMG_6888  IMG_6902
IMG_6913  IMG_6914.

We arrived at the Malibu Pier on a perfectly smooth ocean and after a quick paddleboard lesson, everyone was off exploring the beautiful coast of Malibu!
IMG_6971  IMG_6987

They wanted to go for a swim and I suggested they jump off the front of they boat. They literally jumped at the chance!
IMG_7005  IMG_7007

They even got to do a little snorkeling around the boat.
IMG_7011 IMG_7016

On the way back, I tossed out a tow rope and pulled them behind the boat on the paddleboards.
IMG_7043  IMG_7052
IMG_7074  IMG_7114
IMG_7122  IMG_7124

Needless to say they had a family adventure they will remember for a lifetime!

Check out this short testamonial video:


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