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An Awesome Christmas Family Boat Adventure

An Awesome Christmas Family Boat Adventure.
We left the harbor under cloudless skies and upper 60 degree weather in December!
IMG_5399  IMG_5400

We encountered a pod of dolphin not 20 minutes into the trip.

IMG_5366  IMG_5376
IMG_5381  IMG_5393

After a smooth coastal cruise up to Malibu, we arrived at the Malibu Pier for some paddle boarding.
They all picked it up very quick and were off exploring the incredible coastline.
IMG_5438  IMG_5434
IMG_5430  IMG_5423
IMG_5415  IMG_5459
IMG_5443  IMG_5444

And then the tow rope came out…
IMG_5490  IMG_5502
IMG_5471  IMG_5476

They are a wonderful family and had a memorable Christmas experience!

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