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An Awesome Mom & Daughters’ Malibu Boat Adventure

We took out an awesome mom and her 2 daughters on an incredible boat adventure up to Malibu.

We left the harbor on a beautiful summer morning
IMG_5354   IMG_5355

We stopped to check out the sea lions sleeping on the bouys just outside of the harbor.
IMG_5360   IMG_5363

After a beautiful cruise up the Malibu coast, we arrived at the Malibu Pier.
IMG_5365   IMG_5373

They all wanted to try some paddleboarding, so after a quick lesson they we off to explore the coast.
IMG_5424   IMG_5426 IMG_5433   IMG_5446 IMG_5451   IMG_5452 IMG_5456   IMG_5457 IMG_5470   IMG_5474 IMG_5479   IMG_5498

On the way home, I tossed out the tow rope and they took turns getting pulled behind the boat on paddleboards.
IMG_5547   IMG_5524IMG_5520   IMG_5504   IMG_5517   IMG_5555

They all napped in the sun all the way home.
IMG_5573   IMG_5572

They had a blast!

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