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An Amazing Fishing & Dolphin Watching Birthday Boat Adventure

We had an amazing family fishing & dolphin watching birthday boat adventure to Malibu for Simon.

On the way out of the harbor, we stopped at the breakwater to check out the baby sea lions and then went out to the ‘sea lion’ bouy to check out the adults.
IMG_4349   IMG_4351

Next we headed to the Malibu Pier.
IMG_4363   IMG_4357

On the way, we encountered a large pod of dolphin that played with the boat for almost 1/2 hour.
IMG_4406   IMG_4419
IMG_4450   IMG_4489
IMG_4504   IMG_4528

We arrived to the Malibu Pier and they all caught a bunch of fish.
Simon even landed a large bat ray.
IMG_4539   IMG_4534

After a little paddleboarding at the Malibu Pier, we headed back to the marina.
I told Simon he could be towed behind the boat on the paddleboard and the birthday boy jumped at the chance.
IMG_4587   IMG_4588
IMG_4594   IMG_4598

They all had an unforgettable experience!
IMG_4615   IMG_4617

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