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An Amazing Encounter with Whales, Dolphin, and Sea Lions!

A small group of friends went out with us on a boat adventure to see whales, dolphin, and sea lions, and try paddleboarding.
They were not disappointed!

The ocean was perfectly smooth for our ride out to the Palos Verdes Penninsula.
IMG_9634  IMG_9633

First stop, the bouy where the sea lions hang out.
IMG_9769  IMG_9773

Further along we came across a huge pod of very friendly dolphin.
They played with the boat for almost 30 minutes!
IMG_9755  IMG_9741
IMG_9689  IMG_9658
IMG_9737  IMG_9758

A short time later we arrived to the Palos Verdes Penninsula.
After a quick paddleboard lesson, they were off to explore the incredible coastline and kelp forests.
IMG_9803  IMG_9797
IMG_9806  IMG_9788

On the way back to the harbor all eyes were scanning the horizon for the Gray whales.
About half way back came the shout, ‘Thar She Blows!’
IMG_9828  IMG_9809

It was an incredible experience for everyone!

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