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About Dave

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Captain Dave Ogle, is a licensed U.S. Coast Guard Certified Captain
and Yacht & Ship Salesman

For over 40 years Dave has been navigating the local Southern California waters between Point Conception and the Mexican border.

Dave is also an accomplished instructor and enthusiast in all water sports including: Surfing, Foil Surfing, Paddleboarding, Kite Surfing, Fishing, Diving, and Sailing/Power Boating.

Dave will make you feel completely comfortable on any vessel as you learn about all the watersports as well as the amazing Southern California coastal waters with its abundant sea life.

• 100 Ton Master Captains License
• Licensed Yacht & Ship Salesman
• ASA Certified Sailing Instructor
• Fluent in Spanish as a second language
• MA degree from Pepperdine University

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