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A Wonderful Couple Enjoys A Malibu Boat Adventure

We took a wonderful couple out for a Malibu Coastal Adventure.
On the way out we stopped at the break water and were greeted by a very curious sea lion pup.
IMG_2356  IMG_2358
IMG_2363  IMG_2373

Sunny skies and a calm ocean made the trip up to Malibu a pleasure.
IMG_2378  IMG_2383

We arrived at the Malibu Pier, and after a quick paddleboard lesson they were both off exploring the Malibu coastline.
IMG_2407  IMG_2413
IMG_2391  IMG_2398
IMG_2480  IMG_2464

They wanted a little more adventure, so out came the tow rope.
IMG_2557  IMG_2568
IMG_2536  IMG_2543

It was a memorable Malibu Coastal Adventure.
IMG_2575  IMG_2579

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