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A Romantic Couples’ Malibu Paddleboard Boat Adventure

We took a wonderful couple out on a beautiful summer day for a romantic paddleboarding boat adventure.

As we left the harbor, we stopped to check out the baby sea lions sleeping on the jetty.
IMG_4985   IMG_4988

We headed up to Malibu on a calm smooth ocean.

On the way, we came across a small pod of dolphin that swam and played with the boat.
IMG_5026   IMG_5017

We arrived at the Malibu Pier and, after a quick paddleboard, lesson they were out exploring the Malibu coastline.
IMG_5035   IMG_5041
IMG_5070   IMG_5074
IMG_5110   IMG_5114

They wanted more adventure, so I suggested that I could tow them behind the boat on the paddleboards and they jumped at the chance!
IMG_5129   IMG_5123
IMG_5148   IMG_5156  

They had an awesome trip and relaxed all the way back to the marina.
IMG_5189   IMG_5186

Come join us!

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