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A Fun Family Goes On a Boat Adventure With Their Dog

It was a little overcast as we left the harbor, but everyone was in good spirits and the sun was predicted for the afternoon.
IMG_0350  IMG_0348

We arrived at the ‘Seal Lion” bouy a short time later and they were greeted by a dozen of the cutest little sea lions all lounging around.
The dog took great interest in these very ‘dog like’ creatures.
IMG_0099  IMG_0106

On the way up to Malibu for some paddleboarding, we came across a huge pod of dolphin.
They put on quite a show and, needless to say, the dog was fascinated by these unusual ocean creatures.
IMG_0286  IMG_0315
IMG_0186  IMG_0199
IMG_0265  IMG_0210
IMG_0253  IMG_0301

We arrived at the Malibu Pier and wasted no time getting them out on paddleboards, and after a quick lesson they were off.

IMG_0148  IMG_0141
IMG_0170  IMG_0172

While dad fished, the dog couldnt take seeing everyone out on the paddleboards and had to get in on the act.   
 IMG_0107  IMG_0161

Everyone had a wonderful experience..especially the family dog!

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