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A Fun Family Dolphin Watching/Fishing/Paddleboarding Boat Adventure

We had an awesome family dolphin watching, fishing, and paddleboarding adventure with a fun family.
We left the harbor and checked out some sea lions sleeping on the jetty and the navigational bouys.
IMG_4349   IMG_4351

We headed up to the Malibu Pier and along the way we came across a large pod of dolphin that played with the boat for almost 1/2 hour.
IMG_4394   IMG_4418

We arrived at the Malibu Pier and out came the fishing poles.
They all caught a bunch of fish.
IMG_4541   IMG_4539

Dad even did a little paddleboarding and had a blast getting towed behind the boat on the paddleboard.
IMG_4594   IMG_4599

They all had a memorable experience!
IMG_4615   IMG_4617

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