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A Fun Dolphin Watching / Paddle Boarding Adventure

We took out 2 Pepperdine grads and their moms on a fun dolphin watching / paddle boarding adventure on a beautiful spring day.
IMG_0632  IMG_0635

First stop… the sea lion bouy.
IMG_0727  IMG_0726

On the way up to Malibu, we encountered multiple pods of dolphin that played with the boat and gave them quite a show.
IMG_0666  IMG_0686
IMG_0843  IMG_0876
IMG_0866  IMG_0862

It was a beautiful ride up to the Malibu area.
IMG_0742  IMG_0886

We arrived at the Malibu Pier, and after a quick paddleboard lesson they were off to explore our local waters.
IMG_0894  IMG_0897
IMG_0949  IMG_0955
IMG_0961  IMG_0967
IMG_0982  IMG_0990
IMG_1001  IMG_1004

The daughters were adventurous and when I mentioned that they could be towed on the paddleboards behind the boat, they jumped at the chance.
IMG_1010  IMG_1011
IMG_1022  IMG_1023
IMG_1036  IMG_1041
IMG_1049  IMG_1068

It was an awesome trip and a great way to finish their Malibu educational adventure!
IMG_1081  IMG_1077


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