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A Family Paddleboards & Dives With Dolphin & Sea Lions

We took out a family who wanted to see dolphin and sea lions, and they were not disappointed.

We left the harbor under a cloudless  summer morning.
IMG_3899   IMG_3902

We encountered a huge pod of dolphin not 10 minutes out of the harbor.
The dolphin swam along in front of the boat and put on quite a show
IMG_3966   IMG_3938

IMG_3920   IMG_3929

I asked if they wanted to get towed behind the boat with the dolphin and they all jumped at the chance!
IMG_3993   IMG_4007

On the way back to the harbor we stopped by to check out the sea lions.
IMG_4106   IMG_4111

The kids wanted to go snorkeling so we stopped by a breakwater just outside the harbor.
They actually got to get really close to the adorable little baby sea lions.
IMG_4120   IMG_4121

IMG_4126   IMG_4130

IMG_4139   IMG_4149

They had a blast!


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